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We would like to share the most important insights from our tests.

Pub Ocean is founded by a team of people who built Scribol.com, a top-200 Alexa site, from scratch. Today, Scribol is one of the largest and most profitable publishers in the world. That’s good news for everyone. Because Scribol Publishing is a test bed for the entire industry, Pub Ocean shares all of its learnings, including these recent highlights. 


Publishing’s biggest livelab from one of its most profitable publishers.

Pub Ocean created Scribol Publishing because it knows publishers need to constantly test new tools, new approaches, and new ways of working to survive. Today, Scribol Publishing is one of the largest and most profitable publishers in the world. That’s good news for everyone.

Paid acquisition is the future of audience growth

With platforms decreasing story visibility (looking at you, Facebook) or demanding a share of revenue (hey, Google) publishers are left with few ways to reliably and profitably growth their audience. That’s where paid content distribution comes in. It may be a dirty word to some, but it’s unquestionably the future of audience development. Through years of testing, Pub Ocean found that it is the only way for a publisher to consistently control its growth and attract more valuable users. Simply put, it’s the key to publishers controlling their own destiny.

Profitability isn’t about silver bullets. It’s about speed.

There’s no one thing that is going to save digital publishing. Most of the tools publishers need to win already exist (and we’re building the ones that don’t). But publishers need to utilize them better. With ScribolPublishing, we learned that the speed with which we could identify and act on opportunities correlated highly with revenue growth. Consistently, we see small windows of massive revenue opportunity everyday, but most publishes aren’t set up to identify them, let alone capitalize on them. Speed is profitability.

The meaning of “audience” has changed.

There used to be a direct relationship between the size of a publisher’s audience and its revenue performance. No more. To see real revenue growth, you need to be laser-focused on revenue-per-session (RPS), not uniques. Why? Because advertisers aren’t buying your whole audience; they’re using advanced tools to cherry-pick only the users they want. That’s a massive opportunity for publishers who can identify the most valuable sessions and quickly attract more of them. And that’s how we made Scribol Publishing one of the most profitable digital publishers in the world.

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